Looking for Fresh Ideas?


Is there some aspect of your event that could use improvement?
You’d be surprised how many organizations experience the same challenges.Long checkout lines, delays in receiving donations, slow ticket sales, volunteer burnout and declining revenues are just a few of the most common complaints.Experience is a great teacher.The ABI staff has conducted thousands of auctions since 1976. Selling hundreds of items to hundreds of buyers is business as usual for ABI. We’ll help identify the causes and solutions necessary to assure you achieve your potential!

The number one obstacle to fresh ideas and new money from new sources. You’ve got to build a team, and everyone has a part to play. Our leaders develop plans that generate fresh faces and new enthusiasm. We’ll show you how to Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan!

First and last impressions are extremely important. Our computerized business management system can effortlessly assist you with a fast and accurate registration.

Fun and Games…
People want to have fun. After all, it is a special event! Our orchestrated staff can create the fun, excitement and laughter you might be missing. We have bunches of fun to share with you. Wingspan raffles? Fishing? Flash auction, anyone?