New to Benefit Auctions?

New to Benefit Auctions?

Our solicitation programs are simple and effective. In a single evening you can develop the core of your live auction. Browse through our “idea bank” and consider thousands of proven benefit items to sell. Many of these auction items generate effortless, free money!

Details, Details, Details…
Our data management systems keep track of every detail. Whether on paper, your computer, or ours, we have the right fit for you. At the end of our events, we push a button and tell you the entire fundraising history! Who spent money, and who didn’t, break down by buyer, silent, raffle, tickets, items….it’s all there.

Silent Auctions…
There are over a hundred ways to do them. Big, small, we’ve seen them all, well….we’ve seen a lot of them. Our team can make setup, tracking, bidding and posting a snap! We’ll drive the prices higher and show you how to increase participation, excitement and the bottom line!

Live Auctions…
There’s way more to a live auction than a fast talking auctioneer! Presentation, timing, pacing, order of sale, technology, merchandising, salesmanship, communication, theatrics…the list goes on and on! We’ve mastered, not only the art, but the science of selling. Fun selling that creates excitement, enthusiasm and money! When it’s over, they’ll be wanting more!

The ugly part of every auction, right? WRONG! No lines, no waiting, here’s your receipt, goodnight! Our innovative process will blow you away. We make it look easy, and your guests will thank you over and over again.

A successful event is not made of magic, it’s made of experience.
ABI will give you what works for 100’s of other organizations and steer you away from the hard learned lessons of others.

It’s time to have fun, enjoy your event, and make new money from new sources!